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  A month ago, I celebrated my 50th birthday. My sisters organized them for me. Before the family meeting, we were at a mass in a charming part of the Swiss Alps above Montreux. The mass was in French. My brother-in-law read Holy Scripture for that day, the parable of Abraham and Isaac. We smiled […]

Pre Letter A

     I was wondering how to start these Star Wars? Which episode should be the first? I was thinking about referring to the concepts of beginning and end, alphabets and writing. I considered presenting Great Worship as a faith preceding large religions. I relativized the notion of self and described the relativity of the […]

Pre Letter B

No, I have not forgotten about Polish marks. I did not describe the letter “Ą” while writing about “A“, but I intend to do so by dealing with the letter “O”. While publishing an essay dedicated to “A”, my friends asked me to interpret the term “OM”. I am very grateful for that, because I […]

Pre Letter C

  In the previous essay, when describing the Pre-Letter “B”, I made a remark that letters as well as sounds can be attributed specific gender. This seemingly unusual statement will be illustrated by the Pre-Letters: “C”, “K” and “Q”. They were created from symbolic matter associated with the feminine aspect. This symbolic matter is the […]

Pre Letter D

  Pre -Letter D When describing the “C” sound, I mentioned three interconnected worlds that constitute the material of symbolism of Pre-Letters. These are the worlds of people and animals and space. The constructor of Pre-Letters probably made the synthese of these worlds because he believed that he was himself associated with both animals and […]

Pre Letter E

Pre-Letter E I am really happy to receive the letters with your remarks, because thanks to your opinions I make every possible effort to describe the sounds in more detail. This is very important to me because I often use metaphorical and figurative manner of speaking since I consider certain concepts as evident. It is […]

Pre Letter F

What can you write about the “F” sound? It would seem that not so much, because it could be considered only an “ef”. I understood the very essence of this sound by subtracting this “E” which “strengthen ” it “from” ef “and pronouncing it as pure “F”. Thus, I suggest that you pronounce the single […]

Pre Letters + and S

Since early childhood, we have been influenced by a thinking system that has been grounded centuries ago as a result of confrontation, a fusion of many views. This system somehow determines our understanding of the world, providing it with meaning and explaining the phenomena that surround us. However, there is often a feeling that something […]


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Old Letters is my view on the system that precedes most alphabets. It’s an ideological system of writing.

Old Letters will help to understand all spiritual worlds. I think that they will enable understanding our feelings and thanks to that, bring us closer to others and to nature. 

You will be able to teach children writing easier. It will probably be easier to learn foreign languages thanks to getting to know the Old Letters. 

If you leave your email address before I publish a letter, you will receive it in an email. Thanks to this, we will be able to exchange insights if you would feel like it.

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