Pre Letters + and S

Since early childhood, we have been influenced by a thinking system that has been grounded centuries ago as a result of confrontation, a fusion of many views. This system somehow determines our understanding of the world, providing it with meaning and explaining the phenomena that surround us.
However, there is often a feeling that something is not going on in this narrative. There is some incompatibility between our "interior" and "external world".

A clever ambush has been prepared for those who question these "new truths" of the system "describing" the world. Thoughts questioning the sacred historical science fall into a trap full of pointed piles called conspiracy theory. Not everything can be adjusted to existing statements. I expect some of my thoughts will not come out of this waiting room. Maybe, however, they will affect to you to some extent. Taking into consideration that man often goes astray, I assume that I may be wrong in some of my interpretations. It is therefore important if and how likely they are. I believe that it is indeed the case.

Why is the concept of conspiracy history an ingenious trap? This term suggests that this official story is not a conspiracy theory. I think this is misleading, because history is a tale of many conspiracies and is often used as a political tool. As such, it does not have to be objective, but useful, and in such cases, this official history is a conspiracy history. According to the principle that a lie repeated many times becomes the truth - after centuries of lies we have been confronted with they become indistinguishable from the truth. I have the impression that national egoisms have become established in this official history, turning it into an imaginary dream of power, often pushing the next generations to the absurdity of war caused by ideological disinformation.
"I love betrayal, I hate traitors"
Julius Caesar

Destruction of the pictorial character of speech.
For several months, or actually for almost a year, I have been wondering how to tell you about the "G" sound and the "S" symbol which I call Pre- Letter. Referring to the words of our Nobel Prize winner, who dreams about language, able to explain the most obscure intuition and a metaphor that transcends cultural differences, I will write that I would like speech to become for us again - pictorial.
I believe that the symbolism contained in the language demonstrates the context of our existence, but it is imperceptible to us. This context is very broad and was once both intuitive and metaphorical. I think its illegibility is associated with profound language changes as a result of human elements clashing with each other.
Elements that sometimes have opposing views on what good is and what does evil consist in. This discrepancy was caused by forces of nature that affected humanity. It was the latter one, in its angry scenes, that accompanied the clashes of good and evil understood in various ways. The brutality of these collisions and the multigenerational fear of it caused the world to break as if and broke into many fragments. Striving for unity and understanding of others, we want to put it back together. But how do you put it together when you don't see which part matches another? So I'll try to describe how best I can, what's wrong with the world "as Olga puts it. I understand "this world" as the objective reason for "strange" human behaviour, so with the world everything is as it used to be, only differently and one should accept the changeability of its nature. It is this immutable-changeability that is constantly and eternally subjected to the processes of being and becoming, that will be the theme of this essay.

Today, when words are abstract to us, we still use a metaphor that, thanks to our intuition, but also thanks to the tradition of language, is apt and affects us emotionally. Such a good example may be the "golden heart", but what does, in fact, deeply connect these two words, thanks to which we can see the precious metal and the most important organ, we do not know. We cannot know this because, in my opinion, the written legacy of the Great Culture was destroyed, which created speech that is our way of communicating verbally and in writing. In this way, the sacred which, among other things, combined these two words, has been blurred. By destroying the old sacred, at the same time many concepts have been changed. The concepts which are presently fundamental for us which, in my opinion, tend to mislead us. We know, however, that both gold and heart symbolise value and at this level we read the sense and emotional strength of their connection. I am not sure if there is any culture for which gold is not a value and I think that for everyone this metaphor will be accurate. Where gold is not a means of purchasing exchange, it will probably have symbolic sacred significance. The heart is the same everywhere. In this way, the language tradition itself fulfils the Nobel Prize winner's dream.

Currently, the poetic and symbolism of this combination counts, and we can sense its deeper relationship only intuitively. In my opinion, the "old" context, binding those words, was once very important. In the next essay I will elaborate on this issue closer. I think that in order to return to these relationships we have to "see the sounds" again, just as a man of the Great Culture saw them, before the crystal clear, and therefore strongly symbolic depth of speech was disturbed.

So how do you enter the same river again to "see" the sound "G" originally symbolised by the letter "S". In order to return to the source of symbolism, I have to describe both forces of nature throwing meaning out of it, a spiritual emotional landscape, as well as numerous flowing tributaries of the river, which is the current speech.

Describing the meaning of this Pre-Letter is not easy, because its secondary appearance has been preserved. Precisely because of this "fixation", we must clearly separate the two issues here, and therefore consider the sound separately, from the sign that we associate with it today. This approach is necessary to then proceed to link them logically with each other properly. In order to understand what this sound was in the past, and how it was used to destroy the once important symbolism, I will present the context of these changes. This context will be nature, and thus a favourable climate for the development of life on earth. Therefore, before I start describing what "G" was and what the old "S" was for the world of Great Culture, I have to write about my view on the varieties of its beliefs. I will describe them because without this explanation, it would not be understandable why the largest atomic bomb of "all time" detonated in the world of symbolism, and more precisely in its heart, was detonated. The explosion of this bomb, as you can guess, makes it difficult for us to understand ourselves and others.

It is important that we remember that the speech constructor lived in nature and accepted its relationships with himself. Today we define such an attitude as cosmic-animalistic beliefs.  When using the term "cosmic" we should take into account the mathematics and physics, which the narrative of the Great Culture used, dressing them in poetic form. While professing various modern religions, we often don't see their connections with the same source, and thus, we don't accept the idea that faith connects us with it. Those who do not perceive any higher being in their lives also do not notice that they use speech that does not allow them to be apostates witg regards to the beliefs of its constructor. These beliefs contained in speech can also be called the neurological interaction of language in combination with the symbolic imagery of the perceived environment and phenomena included in it.

Differences in perception of good depend on the climate.
In the times of Great Culture, man felt, like us, the influence of nature on himself. However, this sensitivity was much deeper than today. One of the reasons why we feel less than the man of those times is the huge amount of products of our civilisation that distract us. I will repeat what I wrote about our isolation from nature, meaning the fact that the places where we live are heated or air-conditioned. These modernisations make us somewhat immune to our surroundings. In those days, man being subjected to nature more than we do now, respected and accepted its power.
This powerful nature showed him what was good and what was bad for him. The concepts of good and evil depended on the geographical location of the areas where he lived.

I think that for people living in a cool climate, the sun was "good" because it protected them from freezing. In this climate, the moon was "bad" because the nights were cold. I call them Solar People because the sun was a value to them. The element they worshiped was fire because it was a source of warmth.

In contrast to lands with a cold climate, where it was hot, the "scorching" sun was "bad" and the moon "bringing" a crisp night was "good". Those who valued the coolness of the night I call the Moon People. Moon people worshiped thirst-quenching water. 

Cyclic and revolutionary climate changes affecting confrontation and expansion of views.
To explain the symbolic changes related to good or bad: the sun and the moon, I will provide descriptions of the causes of climate change that occurs cyclically, and sometimes revolutionary, on Earth. The causes of cyclical climate change were described in the 1920s by the Serbian scientist Milutin Milankovic. He determined that the cycles of ice periods in the Quaternary era are about 100,000 years. He described the relationship between Earth's orbit and climate change. Milankovitch cycles are dependent on the eccentricity of the Earth's orbit, its axis tilt and precession. The modern description of the Earth's ecliptic is related to the thought of Ernst Mach about the interaction of all matter in the universe, the general theory of relativity by Albert Einstein and the law of motion and gravity law of Isaac Newton. Before them should be mentioned many thinkers dealing with this topic, going back to antiquity, and thus the times of Great Culture. Returning to Milankovitch, he determined that the interglacial period was when the Earth's orbit became more elliptical. The angle of inclination of the Earth's axis fluctuates and when it is more inclined, the thermal differences between geographical areas are smaller, and on the contrary, when the angle of inclination is smaller, the thermal differences are significant. Between glacials occurs according to him about ten thousand years era when glaciers are retreating. After this period, they increase for 90,000 years to go back in the next cycle again. The precession of the earth's axis is compared to a childish spinning top that makes circles when slowing down speed.

Similarly, by making such a movement, the Earth "draws" its axis in the sky. Circling this circle
lasts 26,000 years. It causes that in the sky different stars in different periods of Milankovitch climate cycles "change" roles. Such a good example is the Thuban star located in the constellation of the Dragon, which for the ancient Egyptians served as the polar star. The polar star is the one nearest to the North Pole.
Today, this role is played by a star belonging to the constellation of Little Bear ( Ursa Minor) called Polaris. As in the case of the polar star, precession also affects the change of the so-called First Point of Aries, i.e. the intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial (blue) equator. Even around 2,000 years ago it was in the Aries constellation, that around AD 67 move to the Pisces constellation.

This point will soon be found in the constellation of Aquarius. Soon, because the entire full circulation of the "First Point of Aries" lasts about 25800 years. As you can see, the changes in the role of the constellations are associated with cyclical periods of climate change. As the "First Point of Aries" circulates, twelve constellations appear on the sky scene. Each of them has a little over 2,000 years to present their art. During the year, the Earth's ecliptic currently crosses not twelve but thirteen constellations. The thirteenth is the Serpens constellation. The name of this constellation is significant and the very number that represents it. While Judaism was first formed and then Christianity was formed, the Aries Constellation left the scene and the Pisces Constellation took its place.
As it is assumed, these were the times at the "turn" of two periods, the ending warm interglacial period, when the glaciers almost completely receded and the following glacial period, when the climate began to cool again. This is based on the calculation that glaciers retreated about 11.7 thousand years ago, so after about 10,000 years they should increase.
We are now living at the end of time, where the Pisces constellation of fish ends their stay on stage to give way to the constellation of Aquarius. The climate is expected to cool down as we experience rising temperatures. It is a time when a new narrative should appear and we can probably feel its intense presence in our common self. Throughout the period ruled by the constellation of Aquarius it will guide us in the world of imaginations. And if it is an aquarius then something should probably sink. Tradition of language has its source and justification, but we treat speech as an abstract, meaningless creation. This is because our view of antiquity has been wrongly shaped.

Interestingly, the main slogan of this new narrative is the fight against the climate, which appears as an interesting re-composition of old beliefs. It contains a utopian and wishful character, because those who have decided to fight the climate can not win with it. However, this radical return to the theme of powerful nature pleases me, because we are increasingly returning to the original cosmic-animalistic narrative, so for this and other reasons I segregate garbage and whenever I can use public transport.

Revolutionary climate changes have other causes than cyclical ones and their course is different. The most important reason for their occurrence is the spontaneous nature of our planet manifested in volcanic eruptions. Volcanologists restore their power from the record of those times preserved in glaciers, which are a kind of chronicle, thanks to which we can find out today what the fate of our planet was. Such "glacial" records confirm the hypothesis that from time to time a volcano erupts, whose power affects the fate of the planet.

Cosmic collisions are another cause of climate change. Every once in a while the Earth experiences a blow from some celestial body wandering through our solar system. One of the last cases is the cause of the Tunguska Event, i.e. the explosion of one or more meteoroids in 1908 in Siberia. Its explosion is described at a height of several kilometres above the surface of the earth, so strong that it was seen from a distance of 650 kilometres and heard up to 1000. It is claimed that it was a celestial body or bodies that could have a cross-section of about 50 m. Other witnesses of those times tell us about these distant cosmic collisions. This is evidenced by the wilderness of Arizona, where there is a huge impact crater. About 50,000 years ago, a meteor fell there, and the place of its impact is called the Barringer Meteor Crater after the name of a geologist and industrialist who first determined the reason for its creation. The asteroid that hit Earth was reportedly at a speed of 15 kilometres per second, and the force of its impact generated energy about 1000 times greater than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Similarly, about 65 million years ago, a meteor was to hit the American continent causing the extinction of dinosaurs. Currently, there are about 180 craters on Earth, which show that it has many collisions with meteorites at various times. It is believed that there were many more of them, but their traces have been erased by erosions, and some of them are unrecognised because they are at the bottom of the oceans and seas.
Because from time to time we are surprised by information about a new meteor, which apparently was not detected, like the one that entered Earth's atmosphere over Russia in Chelyabinsk in 2013, scientists studying the celestial bodies say that there are probably about 5000 thousand, and only 25 % of them have been identified so far. Astronomers say that about 100 tons of cosmic material enter the atmosphere of our planet every day.

Both cyclical and revolutionary climate changes are a reflection of the peculiar life of the matter that surrounds us and this is how in my opinion it was understood by a man of Great Culture.

The overriding feature common to all beings, i.e. both dead and living matter, was movement.
Change was an inseparable feature of the movement. So how did this change affect humanity over time? Those who valued the value of the sun were abandoned by them during the glacial period. Similarly, peoples who valued the moon, suffered when the climate changed to warmer. These severe changes were also reflected in the speech associated in my opinion with the symbolism of Pre-Letters, which represented values.

The violent effects of revolutionary climate change.
It is believed that the Neanderthal man did not disappear spontaneously, which is suggested by a word defining the end of his fate. The probable reason for his "disappearance" was the revolutionary climate change which was the volcanic eruption and its effects associated with the rapid, drastic and long-lasting cooling of the climate. Dr. Roberto Scarpa from the Faculty of Physics of the University of Salerno in Italy claims that there was a massive eruption of the Campi Flegrei volcano. 300 cubic kilometres of ashes and rocks were to fly into the air. He also threw away about 450 million kilograms of sulphur dioxide.

Dust and toxic gases have covered the sun for years contributing to the cooling of the climate. The high degree of cooling was related to the amount of dust ejected by the volcano into the atmosphere. These dusts blocked the access to the sun and prevented vegetation. The most likely reason for the Neanderthal's total extinction was that Homo Sapiens, for whose existence low temperatures were favourable, killed a man weakened by hunger (and previously stronger than him). So whether it was a cosmic catastrophe from 50,000 years ago or a volcanic eruption located 40,000 years ago, were the direct cause of the dominance of Homo Sapiens, we do not know.

Like thousands of years earlier in the early Middle Ages, the situation could repeat itself.
In 535 an unusual climatic anomaly occurred, the cause of which the scientist David Keys sees in the eruption of one of the volcanoes. And Ken Wohletz from Los Alamos National Laboratory considers the eruption of Krakatau (cause of the Middle Ages) to be the cause. He writes that probably 50 to 100 cubic kilometres of water have evaporated into the atmosphere, which has created ice clouds with fine ash.

David Keys believes that these climate changes have contributed to the collapse of many developed cities around the globe. He mentions the cities of old Persia, the cities of Indonesian civilisation, those of the Nasca culture in South America and of the civilisation of southern Arabia. Imagine Europe in those days, that is, a cold world shrouded in gray fog, destroying every manifestation of life. People dying of cold and hunger. How could the Roman Empire solve the problem with the people of the north who probably escaped the cold and lack of food? I suspect that from today's point of view - it did it in an inhumane way. The number of victims of these times is estimated at many millions of people, and today it is attributed to black plague. Black plague (Black Death or Great Plague called Black Plague or Peste) was used as a biological weapon in ancient times. The Old Testament describes plagues that have decimated the population of Egypt. The ninth of these plagues was Darkness, and the tenth extermination of the firstborn of Egypt. Narration connected with widespread epidemics, which were supposed to decimate many victims, is repeated at different times in analogous situations and raises my concern.

Let us recall the American continent and its original inhabitants, "by accident" called Indians. In North America, they also died out - because they "were sick". In our consciousness, the official propaganda version of the claim that they died as a result of infectious diseases brought from Europe so much became that we can have a clear conscience today.
As described today the cause of revolutionary changes is not only the industrial revolution, but also the tree-cutting policy initiated thousands of years ago, which was continued and dynamically developed by the Roman Empire, which together with the Saxons shaped conceptually Western civilisation.
The ideological successors of the Roman Empire of both the East and the West unfortunately continued the infamous tradition of colonialism at the same time abandoning the animalistic-cosmic faith, which assumed the connection and balance between the world of stars, animals and plants and man himself.

How harmful these activities were, among others, in his book "Lost Cosmonaut", the ingeniously perceptive Daniel Kalder. Describing his travels of "anti-tourist", he depicts entire areas of the former Soviet Union deprived of culture. One example of such action against the centuries-old tradition is the "re-peasantisation" of the steppes, which were plowed - against the objections of the local population. Opening the top delicate layer binding sand underneath caused the desert to occupy the place of the steppe. Similarly, one could assume the hypothesis that if the civilisation of Egypt built cities, it could similarly violate the ecosystem in Africa and cause the creation of the Sahara, which previously could have been a green steppe. Even in such moderate and humid climate that Poland has, we have the Błędowska Desert.

Approx. 12,000 years ago the old American civilisation collapsed. This is due to the cosmic collision described by the team of Dr. James Kennett, a geologist from the University of California, Santa Barbara, who based on nano-diamonds discovered in the soil layer from 12,900 years ago, said that there was a disaster as a result of a probable massive comet or meteor impact on earth, which caused probably the extinction of the megafauna and the collapse of the civilisation called the Clovis culture. The space collision 12,700 years ago was supposed to cause about 1000 years of cooling, which was the cause of the ice age on a small scale.

Robert M. Schoch, American professor at the College of General Studies, Boston University claims that there was an earlier civilisation before Egyptian civilisation, which was to create, among others, the Sphinx. The creation of this gigantic sculpture is defined for the period between the eighth and eleventh millennium BC, and therefore quite recent times, when according to James Kennett the meteor was to fall and cause a colossal and fatal catastrophe. As you can see, the theories about the interglacial period are interwoven, and some make it difficult to determine its beginning and end.

What happened when it was warm and what changes occurred when the sun lost its strength?
For people living in Euro-Asia, the sun after the retreat of glaciers was good. As such, it appeared to be god avatars that made it easy for people to satisfy their hunger through abundant vegetation. In very large territories previously occupied by a glacier, man could also obtain wood to build a shelter for himself.
Thus, interglacial times probably served the people living above the Mediterranean Sea to the greatest extent in Western Europe and the northern part of Russia. It coincides with the presumed existence of the Indo-European language. The period of interglacial for the Man of Great Culture was determined by the arrangement of stars. Because he knew that they also show the cyclical nature of the climate, he closely watched them. The fact that his life lasted much shorter than cycles did not matter much, because he believed that he would be born again and again. However, the most important of the celestial bodies were still the Sun and Moon. They set the rhythm of night and day for him. Day and night were divided into three parts, which could all be determined without counting / calculating / estimating the position of the sun. Each of them was assigned a cosmic-animalistic - human avatar showing the features of a given time of day and night. Such an avatar of the moon is the three-headed wolf sitting at Hades, depicted in the Rape of Proserpina, which I described in the essay on Pre-Letter F.

The wolf has three heads there, because the night has a constant character, while the day can be divided into three parts that are clearly distinguished by their temperature. The activity of the wolf intensifies in the morning and evening, as well as at night, so that the animal was most accurately chosen as a symbol of the night. In warm countries such a night animal was a lion and it was this feline that was the avatar of the night or the moon. However, the memory of the Sun's avatars has been erased.
Although they behaved and are doing well, we do not recognise them. It amazes me because they stand and look at us as we pass them, mistakenly recognising them as other characters. I was very happy when I was able to reconstruct their names, which I will share with you in subsequent essays. How did it happen that the memory of them got lost? It had to happen and it is logical, because the sun after the interglacial period or as a result of a sudden climate change, lost its power. It ceased to be the embodiment of God that was worshiped. The sun was therefore the incarnation of God who left his children.

An image of the sun in Great Culture.
How did the followers of God see and describe the Sun - personified in this powerful form?
In different ways, but one of them was his image when it shines strongly. This strongly shining sun is powerful at noon, and then you can't look at it. If someone would try to observe it longer, it will go blind for about 14 days, and it may also end in permanent blindness. So it inspires respect even though it can be called invisible.

This invisible "figure" in the sky has two other realisations that we can watch or those of morning and evening. The morning sun can be called young, because it will shine many hours until it becomes old in the evening, i.e. the evening sun will be old one. Most important, however, was its southern "form". How to present it? As I wrote, there were several ways, but one of them was the representation of intersecting rays in the form of a "+" cross.
Why was the sun drawn like this? Precisely because after looking at it and immediately closing the eyelids we see a shining cross with a strong, circular centre on a dark background. The same cross or "+" will turn into "X" when we move our fingers in front of our eyelids. A similar effect will be seen when traveling by car or train passing trees with a sun behind them, looking at them, we will surely close our eyes.



People of the Great Culture also circled around such a cross. The representation of intersecting rays in the circle represented all three avatars of God in the form of the sun. In this way the wheel represented the moving sun at all times of the day. It represented a sphere in two dimensions and as such illustrated the nature of our solar system that put all celestial bodies in motion.  For what is the sun if it is not a spinning wheel, but also a guide which make us follow it around the galaxy? To refresh your picture of our galaxy, please watch the wonderful animation created by DjSathu. Thanks to his courtesy I could publish it here. More animations he created - can be seen on the following website

We can perceive it as the sun, moving spirally makes celestial bodies follow it. This spiral movement accompanies us in every aspect of our lives. It even begins this way, because the sperm move spirally, and numerous analogies of this movement could be indicated ad infinitum. The image of which we are conscious to a greatest extent, showing spiral twist, is DNA. Therefore, one should not be surprised by view of braids on Celtic crosses. But what could they know in those days? After all, in the narrative that forms our collective self, civilization was built by Greece and Rome.

Our former relationships with the animal world.
Speaking of DNA, let me bring up the theory of evolution. It contradicts the theory of creationism, although both could easily be combined into one common thought. The obstacle is to believe that man does not belong to the animal world. In the history of man, this belief appears to be quite new, because by referring to Greek culture we can find many examples showing that they also thought they belonged to the world of animals, and in any case were strongly associated with it. Besides, animals play a significant role in Christianity, similarly in Islam. I will not, therefore, undermine my religious views too much if I refer to the animal world by claiming that they were already able to recognize good and evil. I will describe a scene from the life of a reptilian creature who once lived somewhere near the Vistula river. It is, I would like to note, a cold-blooded being, dependent on sunlight, which is the energy that charges its battery, i.e. warms its muscles. This animal can lie in the sun motionless for hours.

I'm cold, I feel that the sun will come soon, I will go outside and sunbathe. I will lay my mouth directed south and change my color from green to green brown. I have my stone and I have the sun, okay ... I will keep lying on it. The sun should be on the left and it is on the left! Are you sure on the left? Yes, that's right on the left, so my snout is in the south and I'll keep on lying like that for hours. I like the left eye because when I see the sun it means that I will be sunbathing all day. So the left eye is better than the right eye. Left is good and strong!

Warm ... somehow warmer - it's probably the middle of the day. I will look south because I have a third eye on my forehead for this? Don't I? Well, I do have, because there is a maggot between my legs and the eye between my eyes, which I deserve to have. Hey, hey, some of us think only with the help of maggots and stay still in the burrow, and I think with my head and that's why my third eye has a film, because I won't be looking at my benefactor who warms me with his eye - straight into his eyes without cover, surely he would punish me for that.

Maybe I'm not wise like a human, but I have a small mind because my other eyes also have a membrane and a proper structure to look at this strong light bulb. Hopefully, I have an eye in the middle, because my eyes are on the sides of the green head. There is my beloved sunshine (My stone is in Planty, and we tend to use diminutive in the south).

Every once in a while I will check the position of the sun and i will keep on lying because I'm lazy being. I lie there all day and nothing happens, boredom, cruel boredom. I see the sun with my right eye, I don't like to see it with the right eye, the curve! right eye is weak!

You can immediately sense that the young lizard, like me, lacks sun, because we come from the south of a cold land.

If we were lying on a stone all our lives in South Africa, the right eye would probably rule. In the North Africa and Middle East, however, we would be confused because one would think that the right one is cool, and the other that the left one is cool! The North Africa is an area whose lands are in both the southern and northern hemispheres. So where should I turn my face towards the sun so that it shines on it from morning to evening? Towards the east! If we were turned in this direction, being lizards, we would not see the sun at sunrise, we would see it with the third eye, when it towers and we would negotiate with it whether it is worth turning to keep us warm until evening, but also the evening sun would be invisible when the eyes are on the sides of the head and the mouth is directed to the west.

I apologize for these jokes, my intention is to show a few thoughts that collide here. I start with the fact that despite the fact that we accept the theory of evolution, we find it difficult to identify with animals. Man thinks that he dominates animals, which makes him a unique being who deserves God's attention, while animals are only living evil. I see a lack of logic here, because we are influenced by viruses and bacteria? Or do they think they deserve God? We often reduce the theory of evolution to the simple principle that man comes from a monkey, and we no longer penetrate into the deeper aspects of this development of life. In our sphere of imagination, therefore, we do not identify with other animals as our progenitors. We also deprive animals of the right to think abstractly, which is amazing to me. I can understand that their brain size is much smaller, and therefore man has an advantage in this sense. However, the question arises: what percentage of the brain's potential are we using? In addition, the African elephant has three times more neurons than humans. However, not the volume of the brain, but its weight to body ratio is supposed to determine intelligence. An animal that has been intriguing scientists for years is the dolphin, which recognizes its reflection in the mirror, assimilates language based on symbols and is probably able to communicate its emotional states by means of sound. Among the animals there are also original personalities such as the male of a small fish of the puffer-type species, who make circles of sand and shells. In my opinion, it creates the image of sun rays breaking through the water as it sees them from the depths of the sea. It seems that the man of Great Culture had a lot of right in this respect, professing cosmic-animalistic faith. I think he was thinking correctly while we are cut off by the narrative of a new civilization from the richness of our tradition. The thought of the east defines the existence of the "third eye," and we, having two eyes that we received in the evolutionary cycle, directed forward, unlike the animals looking sideways, we do not notice that there is something left after that time with us. Mostly we have one eye dominating. In my opinion, this is a remnant of the period when, in the evolutionary cycle, we were reptiles lying motionless in the sun, a trend that is also visible today. I would like to point out that this is my hypothesis, just like many other conclusions in this text, because I did not read about the reason for the domination of one eye, but I imagined it. The remainder of the third eye is our pineal gland, 5-8 mm in size, producing the so-called sleep hormone, melatonin, which is directly related to light stimuli and has a lot of physiological functions. Pineal gland disorders cause circadian and reproductive organs dysfunction. An interesting fact is that the pineal gland produces dimethyltryptamine. It has psychedelic properties. It also occurs in plants harvested by Indians in which Ayahuasca is adopted in the culture. Campbell describes the habits of Indians going to collect them. Their way of speaking indicates as if they were themselves the plant they are going to harvest, I will come back to it a few more times in further essays.

The plant that contains DMT is also a wild rue (Peganum harmala), and its name will be explained more broadly on the next essay. I think that in the cosmic-animalistic faith it was popularly used by so-called shamans. I do not encourage you to use it and I would like to assure curious people that I have never taken Ayahuasca. I wonder if dimethyltryptamine is somewhat similar to melatonin, because in a dream we see the events that come to us. DMT is secreted in large quantities in rats, which, as we know, live underground and only occasionally reside on its surface. As we know, people lock themselves in cabins, where isolated from external stimuli they experience specific sensations. Maybe we should consider it a legal drug and one should ban such impressions and perhaps sleep either? :)

Impact of the Young Lizard's Leading Eye
The sun and the leading eye are also related to the writing direction. Interestingly, there was a period in the history of mankind when there was agreement in this regard and writing was done using disks that rotated. The story began from a point in the middle and developed along with the spinning disc. It is possible that this is a technique that develops our brain in a non-standard way. The Egyptians, ruling peoples living in both the northern and southern hemispheres, reconciled them in such a way that they wrote in three directions: from the right, from the left and from the top. You certainly know the concept of laternization, which is that one of the sides of our body dominates. As you know, this is related to the opposing action of the hemispheres of the brain, and in my opinion they are associated with the leading eye of the young lizard. I like the name: The young lizard's leading eye theory. It is connected with the notion of what is good and what is evil. One of our body parts is stronger and the other is weaker. Because there must be anatomical differences in accordance with the laws of nature, which I described above, the notion of which side is good and which is wrong will be different. Today we are still divided into right-wing and left-wing. This methodology of right-wing and left-wing views is arbitrary. The left can be attributed to some thought intended to represent the weaker, at least ideologically. The right is attributed the features of representing the stronger. Interestingly, leftism is considered modern and rightism is conservative. The situation is complicated by the fact that, despite some tendency to our emotional sensitivity, we are often torn between one and the other. This specificity of our interior causes that politicians play with us an emotional game that replaces substantive arguments. In this way, they spin us like a child's toy. As you can see even in this area, the main problem is always revolving around the sun. Much can be written about it by presenting the symbols of Great Culture and I will return to this topic many times, because I have not exhausted it completely.

For Western civilization, built on the post-apocalyptic world of Great Culture, and engaged mainly in Christianity, a very important concept is the symbol of the Holy Trinity. Its visual representation is the Son of God on the left, the Holy Spirit in the middle and God the Father on the right. Sometimes it is represented vertically. The dogma of the Holy Trinity was approved at the Constantinople Council in 381 AD. In those times, that is, until the 10th century and even much later, the so-called. paganism coexisted with Christianity, and in order to annex the weakening solar peoples, also three of his God's avatars were included in the church's thought. Therefore, the Holy Trinity should not have been necessarily a dogma, because the origin and relationships with the sun were legible at that time. When the sun was fading, the situation changed, that is, the earlier dominance of solar peoples was replaced by the dominance of lunar peoples. Which was manifested in a change in the concept of understanding one's own self and time. “I” became one-time or single, and time gained a beginning and an end. This is the opposite concept of the cyclicality of birth and death, which was the heart of the beliefs of the Great Culture. Rebirth from infinity to infinity.

So what happened with the Pre-Letter ” + ”? 
As a sign symbolizing the good sun, when it turned away - at the end of the interglacial cycle or as a result of revolutionary climate change - from its people, its significance had to be destroyed, and the symbol "S" was used. Wait a minute? After all, they are one and the same!
Yes, I admit, in our consciousness shaped for hundreds of years, these two concepts have merged into one. So we combined the sound formerly represented by the "+" cross symbol and the symbol "S" into one. Let us now focus on the sound currently represented by the Pre-letter "G".


Pre-Letter "S" (For Great Culture it was the contemporary sound "G") considered as a symbol of evil.

"Contemporary G" is a very interesting symbol, one of the three animalistic symbols created by a man of Great Culture. The animal that served as a symbolic prototype for "contemporary G" is a legless reptile that disgusts us and is dangerous because it can kill us. This venomous character was just as if determining the meaning of this symbol as symbolizing evil. "Contemporary G" as evil occurs in many words: głód, goły, godzić, gorze, gardzić (hunger, naked, threaten, worse, despise). Some words that now begin with the letter "H" were also pronounced in the past using the "contemporary" G "(former" S ") symbol and sound, such as gańba (dishonor) instead of current hańba (disgrace).

This is not a coincidence because "H" also used to symbolize the sun, I would like to remind you here pre-letter "F" as well as Helios and Hades - described in that essay - who travel in the sky, one by day and the other by night. The description of the letter "H" will be an interesting essay concerning this Pre-Letter. In this way I will try to explain in Polish the ideological source of the interchangeability of "H" with "modern G" (former "S"). The same reason applies not only to Polish but also to other languages.

What are we usually afraid of seeing something as evil? Let me quote Virgil describing Troy's conquest. According to him, Laokoon was to say: Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes which means: I'm afraid of the Greeks even as they carry gifts. It's about others. For the Arabs, the giaur will be the other, and for the Jews it will be the goi. The Romans also used the "modern G" (former "S") to describe someone inferior, which was expressed in the word “poganus”, just as the Romani people were called Gypsies. The Roma themselves referred to the other - "inferior" people – with the term "reptiles" (“gadzio”). As you can see, everyone who was afraid of a stranger considered him as a reptile. The Romans also used the term “gentiles”, which referred to infidels, i.e. people who did not profess Christian faith. It was taken from the Jewish tradition to describe people of a different nationality than themselves. It concerned both the Slavs and those who, living within the Empire, still professed the old faith, i.e. the Celts who were Gauls - forgive me for using the Roman name.

So how is it possible that the names of some countries begin with "G" (former "S")? Let us remember that the ancient Greek referred to himself by the term Ellines, and called his land Elliada. It is understandable, therefore, that the Greeks felt that: We were born and will die as Ellines. Virgil writing about the Greeks called them sons of Danaus, which is quite peculiar, because he had only daughters. According to myths, they were to kill their husbands who were the sons of Danaus' brother, Aegyptus. Only one of them did not follow his father's order and saved her spouse. So, were it not the Danaus men but Danaus females, and not Greek men, but the Greek females that poet was afraid of? In my opinion, Virgil, referring to the myth of Danaus, emphasized several interesting aspects. One of them is the cosmic symbolism of numbers. According to Greek Myths, Danaus had fifty sons, while Aegyptus had fifty daughters. Fifty as the Roman number is the letter L. When we add L + L, the result is C. In the languages of centum 100 is written by C - center, one of these languages is Latin. In satem languages number 100 - in my opinion - was written by the old + that is today S. An interesting fact is that in Hebrew, if its phonetic record was to be written in Latin, it would look like this: ham. Digitally and symbolically, the children of two brothers can be described as L and L or as a result of adding, i.e. C or + or H depending on the language group. Because XLIX - phonetically iks-el-i-iks (49), Danaus 'daughters killed their husbands, the number of Danaus's children was L (50), but together with Aegyptus' only surviving son, the number of children was LI (51). That son was Linkeus (Latin Lynceus and Greek Lynkeus) saved by Hypermnestra (superior bride). Hypermnestra was the only one who was not punished for killing her husband. The other daughters of Danaus were convicted in Tartar for the murder of their husbands and they are still pouring water into a leaky barrel. If Tartar is the deepest part of Hades, they are probably responsible for tides. I wonder if Tartarus was as deep / as distant as Venus, or a little closer, as the moon? As you know, Venus has less impact on tides than the moon, but I have the impression that it is there that 49 daughters of Danaus overflows water through a sieve and holes in vessels. Regardless of whether Danaides were associated with Venus or the moon, they killed their husbands. This can be understood as the dark ages of distant times and also a symbolic description of the waning sun caused by one of the revolutionary causes of climate change.

This perception of the death of the sons of Aegyptus is associated with the fact that the male element was identified with the sun, while the female element was associated with the moon. The fate of the sons of Aegyptus can therefore be considered a parallel story to the Book of Exodus, where the God of Israel punished the Egyptians with plagues of which the ninth is darkness and the tenth the death of the firstborn of Egypt. The moment of the fall of Troy is identified by historians around the same time as the Israelites left Egypt, and on this occasion the descendants of Danaus were mentioned by Virgil. What was their gift offered to the Trojans? Interestingly, a horse made of fir wood, and Virgil, mentions the descendants of Danaus (Greeks) through the mouth of Laocoon, who warned the Trojans not to accept the gift of the Greeks. However, they accepted it because they misinterpreted the deaths of Laocoon and his sons. Let's look at how it was described and presented. In the Vatican museums stands the famous sculpture called the Laocoon Group. The origin and authorship of this sculpture are not clear. One hypothesis attributes it to Michelangelo, others talk about the Greek origin of the work. It presents the death certificate of Laocoon. In the middle part you can see a powerful man, and on the sides two much smaller figures. This distortion of proportions resembles the application of a hierarchical perspective. I think it was used not only to emphasize fatherhood, but also to Laocoon's power and importance. This type of procedure in arts was used both in Egypt and in medieval painting to emphasize the weight of the depicted characters. In the Renaissance, a hierarchical perspective, especially in one particular group of sculptures, would be surprising, similarly, in the Greeks in the 2nd century BC. So it seems specifically intended to emphasize the symbolism of the characters depicted. Laokoon and his sons die tangled up by snakes. This system resembles a solar triad with a powerful southern sun. The sun dying strangled by a reptile.
Virgil's Eneida was quoted from memory by
Leonhard Euler. Apparently he was able to recall the verse starting and ending a given page. Euler was a brilliant mathematician who, among other numerous statements, formulated those regarding spherical astronomy and optics. With these results, you can, for example, accurately calculate the orbits of comets. From my point of view, the creation of a Greek-Latin square for his use in planning scientific experiments seems intriguing. Interestingly, he was a deeply religious man, so he had to study the Bible just as Albert Einstein did.

If the Greeks were to arrange the symbols assigned to the numbers, they would start with "E" - ekato (one hundred). They would start this symbolic digit with the symbol just like their homeland Iliad (Eliada), as well as the name of the land of Aegyptus or Egypt. Interestingly, mythology also mentions Cepheus's brother Danaus and Aegyptus. He was supposed to be the ruler of Ethiopia. I have already written about the meaning of the symbol "E" in one of my previous essays. Well, it was the inhabitants of Iliad (Eliada) who became Greek for the world of Western civilization. When "E" is removed from ekato, it will become "kato", well...and what would happen if we will add "holos" to it ...

The history of the symbols "+" and "G" is complicated by the fact that in several languages the word God (as I wrote in the Slavic language the correct name was Boh) is God and Gott. Why these people decided to put the reptile symbol at the beginning of the word is a mystery to me. God is a good Father for some, but He may also be a severe judge for others. Is there a different understanding of God in different languages? Or maybe the word God is, an anagram or palindrome, created to reconcile different peoples?

For the moon peoples, the solar incarnation of God was bad (as for the solar peoples, his lunar incarnation was an evil God), and so they could refer to Him by means of the reptile symbol. The destruction of God's sunny incarnation could therefore be considered positive in itself. The solar peoples did the same in relation to the lunar peoples, which I will write below.

Another potential cause could be language reform. New languages were created by designing strong statehoods. For language was a tool for shaping collective consciousness, which was realized during the Great Culture. In the seventies of the twentieth century, the clinical impact of language on humans was observed, and based on these observations, John Grinder and Richard Bandler developed techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

They named their method in such a way as to emphasize the relationship between the neurological process, language and human behavior. I think they have observed what in ancient and middle ages motivated the dominant layer, i.e. the aristocracy, to change the language of subordinate peoples to make it easier to manage them. I do not believe in altruism of the dominant class, but I do not exclude that the reform could also have been used to reprogram the relations between the sexes. These numerous changes over time in the speech of peoples subordinate to themselves by the aristocracy caused that today the word has become abstract for us, because its original intuitive symbolism was somewhat obscured.

Who, then, is responsible for replacing the "+" symbol with the "S" formerly equivalent to "G"?

If you believe the accounts of antiquity, which were embroiled in medieval interests (because we know them often thanks to the "alleged copies defending their right to be credible" produced in the monasteries of the Holy Empire of the German Nation, which later largely contributed to the propagation of the idea of pangermanism ) this person can be Appius Claudius Caecus. He was supposed to be a Roman politician who first held the position of consul, and later of the censor. He is credited with many contributions to the Roman community, such as the construction of an aqueduct and the oldest paved road called Via Appia. He was also to take part in the wars against the Italic peoples: Etruscans, Sabines and Samnites. I assume that this is the person in question, because he was supposed to create a new letter "G" from the letter "C". In my opinion, the Latin alphabet is based on Etruscan writing, not Greek, as has been claimed until recently. Nowadays, this provenance from Greek writing is being derived indirectly through Semitic alphabets, which I think is a very ideological procedure. I am not trying to question the right of Semitic alphabets to belong to the world of Great Culture, quite the opposite, but I think that the reason for seeking mediation between the Greek and Latin alphabet comes from the fact that some have a written legacy and others due to aggressive conquest in the "dark ages "were deprived of it. In Etruscan writing, the sound described by the new letter "G" by Appinius, in my opinion, looks like this: "S". This is another sound whose symbol was changed by the Romans after the modification of the feminine "b", which was turned upside down, and which was "interpreted" by the Romans as "p". I will describe a few more such "problematic" sounds, maybe it will contribute to the proper reading of the Etruscan language. I would like to remind you that I am not a linguist myself, but I elaborate my theories on my own ideas of beliefs and cosmic-animalistic symbols of a Great Culture speech constructor.

Let me return to Appius Claudius Caecus, because he is credited with a significant sentence: Everyone is a blacksmith of his own fate (Faber est suae quisque fortunae).
I think it can be said that this blindness was not so much about the fact that he himself was blind at the end of his life, but about the fact that, as a censor, he blinded the peoples conquered by the Roman Empire. If it is true that the Greeks previously substituted the sound "G" represented by the simplified symbol "S" under the letter "C" (sound "K" which I described as the moon, and thus in my opinion the symbol of moon people), then Appius probably used the method previously known but this time the substitution of symbols was directed against the Solar Peoples, not the Moon Peoples, as the Greeks did. And if the sun was to weaken, it has its logical explanation.

Sodom and Gomorrah.

In the Old Testament, which according to scholars have been written down for centuries, in the book of Genesis there is a biblical theme regarding the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. If you remember, the wickedness of the ingratitude of the Sodomites was to be punished by God. However, if Lot found 10 righteous people (let me replace the Arabic numeral ten with the so-called Roman "X"), and so the "X" of the righteous, then Sodom would be spared from destruction. This did not happen because the two angels who were sent there were treated harshly by its inhabitants.


Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire, from the Lord out of heaven; Thus He destroyed these cities and the entire plain, including all the inhabitants of the cities and everything that grew on the ground.


However, before God destroyed Sodom, its inhabitants besieging Lot's house were punished with blindness. Lot's wife, who turned back from Sodom, turned into a pillar of salt. Lot's name from now on means a veil or shroud. In this way, the possibility of an interesting interpretation of the symbolism of this story arises. This is possible because the Bible has multilayered content and both Sodom and Gomorrah and all the characters depicted in it could have been parabolic concepts. We often focus on a fixed understanding of what Sodom is, but it is worth noting the continuation of history of the family saved from death by God. It is interesting that Lot's daughters gave birth to his children, and Lot himself was not aware of it. Because it did not meet the punishment that had previously affected sodomites, we have a hint that this is not such sodomy as we used to think. So I follow this line of reasoning and describe below the potential connections between the beliefs of the Great Culture and the content of the Holy Scriptures. Just as a woman was identified with the moon, so a man is traditionally associated with the sun. The setting sun turns red, and Lot's daughters got their father drunk with wine. For me, the two angels are the sun visible in the morning and at sunset. The moon, similarly, has its two visible opposite symbolically positive and two negative aspects, one of which is always invisible. Full moon and its subsequent phases are these positive incarnations of the moon. Full moon means fertility and the moon which is achieving fullness means impending fertility. The last form of this visible triad is the waning moon heralding impending death and lack of fertility. The visible lunar triad is completed by the fourth aspect - the new moon. It is the equivalent of the invisible midday sun, because like the latter, the new moon is an invisible moon. Lot's wife, leaving Sodom, looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. Such a pillar of salt can be associated with the moon, because when there is a new moon there is also an inflow of water. When the outflow follows it, salty sea water turns into salt. Brines are found everywhere where people obtain salt from sea water, and sometimes we use the one obtained from the Dead Sea. Usually, the water dries in brines, which are shallow pools. Strong sun favors this process. After evaporating the water, the salt is scraped into piles, which could be called salt columns. There are more of these associations referring to the new moon, for example, when we do not see it, its other side, invisible to us, is illuminated by the sun. So the moon, turned, is looking at the sun. Interestingly, it seems as if the moon has frozen like a pillar of salt, because it does not rotate around its axis. Thanks to this, we constantly see the same features of the dead - because motionless - terrain of the moon - we see them when it is full. In the new moon, however, this invisible form of the moon is related with the woman's cycle, namely with her bleeding, so she also could not become pregnant in this form, and as the intoxicated wine Lot is not aware of his fatherhood, so is his wife, who still has menstrual bleeding, can not experience motherhood. Another important symbolism associated with the new moon is death. In this form he shrinks back down and we stop seeing it, and yet Lot's wife no longer participated in the further history of her family. If I did not make a mistake in the interpretation, then the two angels present the morning and evening suns, and the "X" of the righteous, whose angels were to be found in Sodom, are its southern figure. It is invisible, hidden behind the veil of eyes. So it is Lot himself, and the Sodomites were punished with blindness for looking at him. The Chinese still write the number 10 as "+". This writing system existed for both the Celts and Slavs, and the Romans changed its position, making it an "X". Tradition of language indicates, however, that this symbol can also serve as Mr. X, to identify a person who is usually very important, who does not want to be recognized, not to reveal himself. In this way we have a trace of the original meaning of the southern sun, and modern religions receive their source in the beliefs of the Great Culture. I am very happy because it means that God has never forgotten his creatures and not only those who have been living in the last few thousand years.
Reading the Bible, we can learn a lot about Sodom, unlike Gomorrah, which the Bible only mentions by its name. However, if the sound "G" symbolized with the old letter "S" was associated with the sun, then the destruction of Sodom had to contribute to the fall of Gomorrah too.




It is interesting that by translating the Bible into Greek, the term God itself was supposedly changed. Originally, it was supposed to be: I am becoming, while we commonly consider it as: I am who I am. Some explain it the following way: I will be who I will be. There is a big difference between these terms, because other forms than the one that exists in collective consciousness gives the opportunity to relativize God's understanding. For some, therefore, God will be considered a good creator, for others as a severe judge, and yet others will see him as the one who loves them and sacrificed his life for them. What will be good to some, others will perceive completely differently. This is - in my opinion - related to differences in perception of good. These differences are of subjective and objective nature. Subjective, in the sense that a given person perceives good in his own way, and objective because, in my opinion, it is powerful nature that affects human perception. This kind of perception of nature and its cause, which is in a state of constant creation, characterized, in my opinion, thinking of man of Great Culture. Anyway, these thoughts were adopted by Christianity, and we can find them in arguments for the existence of God presented by Saint Thomas Aquinas: If there is movement, there must be the First Mover.

The New Testament, likewise, contains content relating to earlier pre-Christian and pre-Judaic times. They can be found, among others, in the Gospel of St. Matthew. There is (Baptism) and fire and water and a viper tribe, but this is a story for a separate essay.

If I have hurt anyone with this reference to the content of the Holy Bible, while describing the sounds, I would like to point out that this was not intended. I use the resources of the tradition that we have and which has transferred very important content to our time. It is a pity that the Alexandrian library burned down (I suppose the history was similar with other problematic collections), and the Celts and Scythians were thus deprived of the right to have their own system of writing. However, the tradition contained in the speech brought evidence that these peoples were literate. In subsequent essays I will refer more and more to the landscapes of the old world of Great Culture, which are still painted by the words of modern speech.

Sun and moon symbols in geographical names

An interesting fact is the traces left by Great Culture using the symbols of the sun and moon in geographical names. There are many of them, but the most important are the names of the Mediterranean islands. The blue of the sea is a reflection of the sky and just as the hierarchy of heavenly bodies is visible in the sky, its reflection should represent it either. It should not be surprising then that the two largest islands, namely Sicily and Sardinia, bear names beginning with the sound symbolizing the sun. Between them on the continent is the Vesuvius volcano, completing the day-solar triad as it were. It is an invisible, activating powerful force. Interestingly, Naples, located near Vesuvius, and founded by the Greeks, has become the center of Epicurean philosophy oppressed in the Middle Ages. Epicure, as is known, developed a system of human cognition, describing senses, stimuli, primary impressions and assumed primary impressions. As for both our senses and the stimuli we experience, the sun can undoubtedly be considered responsible for the intensity of our experience during the day. At night, when it is dark, hearing and touch will be more important. A consequence of that period is the fact that Naples and in the less distant times were an important and influential center of the philosophy of naturalism and Italian illuminism. Illuminism was a doctrine in the Enlightenment, according to which one should be guided in life by the principles of human reason (light).

Cyprus, Corsica and Crete represent the next night-moon triad in the island hierarchy. Describing the triad of sounds illustrated by the symbols "C", "K" and "Q" I described their relationship with the moon. In addition to these two triads: the day-solar triad and the night-moon triad, the next largest island is Eubea. This name refers to the symbol "E" so important to the Greeks that they themselves insisted as I wrote that they are Ellenes. I described the symbol itself by presenting the "E" sound, and it was associated with fossilized resin having electrostatic properties, which was an important divine stone in ancient times. As we know, there was also an amber trail, or route, by means of which this mineral was transported from north to south.So you can see a certain logic of the beliefs of the Great Culture in the tradition of language related to geographical names and in my opinion it should not be underestimated even if these associations at first glance seem too arbitrary.

Symbols of Great Culture in human anatomy.
The "+" sound, now described as the viper "S", as well as geographical names, also had a significant relationship with human anatomy. Solar peoples called the heart (that is, the human organ, which is its motor), fueling its life as if solar energy drives the movement of celestial bodies in space, referring to the symbol of the sun. Moon peoples began to utter the word referring to the moon symbol, which they valued more. Depending on climate change, the scale of beliefs about what is good and what is evil, sometimes tilted in favor of the moon and other times in favor of the sun. Therefore, there will be differences in satem and centum languages and the blood will be denoted by the word sangue in Italian, while the heart is cuore. Since the Celts were Romanized, this rule will apply to them. Therefore, in French, Spanish and Portuguese, the symbol "C" will stand at the beginning of the word heart (serce), when "S" will begin the word blood (krew). Languages that have undergone a reform that breaks with the symbolism of Great Culture will not be subject to this rule. There are more relationships regarding the human anatomical structure referring to the sun and the moon, but they are described by other sounds that I will present in the next essays, so I will come back to this issue later.


What did the pre-letter "+" (currently "S") look like in other alphabets?

Greek alphabet



Phoenician Alphabet


Sumerian alphabet



I hope that I have presented this broad and still not exhausted topic in a transparent and comprehensible way. I am convinced that it will largely complement the content of the next essays that I intend to publish. This topic, for sure, was one of the most difficult to describe, due to the complex nature of the climate and the history of mankind associated with it, as well as the resulting symbolic and linguistic changes. In this way I sketched my view of the symbols contained in speech related to the way we perceive nature itself.
I would like to emphasize that in my opinion, objective climatic causes do not exclude the idea of the existence of a higher causative being, and in the major religions of our civilization I value respect for every life because I am a Christian myself. A Christian who is curious as to how God will manifest himself in the age of Aquarius.

Since I am an artist and as such I do not treat myself quite seriously, I can not resist quoting the text from the film about the adventures of Indiana Jones at the end of present essay: ”X never marks the spot

I invite you to read other essays about the great achievements of Great Culture.